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What is LingoWise?


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Learn the Local Lingo

Each pack is focused on a single subject or context. The idea is to help you communicate --FAST!

See It, Hear it, Say it

Machine Learning delivers audio clips on the fly using the accent and intonation of native speakers.

Fast & Effective

Using this proven method of focusing on the "don't knows" - master new vocabulary auto-magically!

20 Popular Languages

That's 190 unique language pairs! Practice the most frequently spoken languages on the planet.

Create Your Own Cards

Whether you're preparing for a business meeting or the adventure of a lifetime, LingoWise can help you build specialized vocabulary.

Study Anything

From ornathology to entomology. From world capitols to multiplication tables. Learn anything by heart in short bursts of "dead time".

AI in Your Pocket

Use the app on the go. It's like having an interpreter and a native speaker by your side!

Reclaim 'Wait' Times

Whether you're waiting to checkout, sitting in the lobby, or picking up the kids, you can keep practicing.

Monitor Progress

Take short quizzes and test yourself. Save your scores and come back later to review progresss.

Fresh Packs Each Month

Choose from a wide variety of vocabulary packs in multiple languages. Each pack is laser focused on the most useful phrases in the simplest form possible. The goal is to help you communicate immediately.

Create Your Own Cards!

Use our cloud services to produce new vocabulary cards on the go! Produce a fresh set for any specific situation. From a businees meeting in Banglore, to a beach wedding in Bali --LingoWise helps you connect, enjoy a richer experience, and get more from your next adventure.

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Frequently asked questions

LingoWise helps you memorize anything quickly. The app puts a deck of AI powered flash cards in your pocket - so you can practice a few minutes at a time from anywhere. Its unique focus on the "don't knows" helps maximize practice time too.

LingoWise provides both pre-made cards and the tools to make your own. It saves your translations (plus audio clips!) in the cloud so you can practice anytime. Other apps do not save what you've translated - so you don't commit the new words to memory. LingoWise aims to help you communicate immediately. If you want to learn more about sentence structure and grammer --our video tutorials can help make sense of it all.

After using an early prototype on a short flight, we discovered that upon landing, we were able to communicate with basic words and short phrases. Suddenly, it was easier to connect, easier to get around, easier to barter... and our holiday become so much more engaging and fun! This was the genesis of LingoWise For the full story, please see the short video:  On the Way to Lisbon.

Set both the Source and Target to the same language.

You can edit your translations before saving. Sometimes Google translate is lacking the appropriate context (this happens frequently with false twins). Just tap inside the second input field and enter the right word(s) from your text book, study guide, or dictionary.

If the cloud translate function has not been called for a while - the system may be slow to respond the first time. This is a common issue we're working to fix. To learn more, please see our tutorial:  How to Make Your Own Cards".

Your subscription includes access to LingoWise content and services. Each month you can look forward to new content and enhancedments as we continue to grow the platform. As long as your subscripton is active, you can create and store an unlimited number of packs and cards.

The target language is the language you are learning. For example, if your native language is English and you are learning Spanish, the target language is Spanish.

The source language is usually your first language. It's the one you use to think and dream.

Batch upload is something we considered. But it bypasses the muscle memory and learning that begins with creating new cards one by one. For now we've put this on the back burner.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we do not issue refunds under any circumstances. After the 7 day free trial period, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Indeed, LingoWise is perfect for the classroom. Although we do not have a program in place just yet. We would be happy to speak with you. Please drop us a line in the contact section below.

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Fancy a wine tasting trip in Bordoux? Is your French a little rusty? No worries! Let our team of experts, create the perfect pack for your next adventure.

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